2015-08-22 21.07.08

Love is a refuge

For the homeless,

A welcome ship

On silent seas.

Once boarded

It’s a prison,

Its sailors



2015-09-02 19.27.20

I’d sing you

but you’re stuck in my throat,

a hunk of marbled flesh

your fat

coats my tongue,

leaving me mute

and obscene.

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The Aperture Club - 116


After four months together

I whispered three words

that I’d waited too long

to be the one to say first.

Knowing you had won,

I took a photo of us two,

this prize and three words

a gift for me via you.




young gh

Then…..and Now.

1. For a couple of years in primary school we were best friends, a tight foursome. Lucy had thick auburn hair, piercing green eyes and giggled a lot. Holly was cute and blonde and had two appealingly protective older brothers. Jasmine had crater-like dimples and played the violin. Despite being vastly more popular than me, we had some things in common.

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The room was cheap, but ‘cheap for London’ wasn’t the same as being affordable. I scrutinized the ad. Of course it was a shared house (‘we are six friendly Eastern Europeans’) but I couldn’t expect to go straight from a crowded hostel to my own flat. I had to be realistic, but there were some things I wouldn’t compromise on.

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2014-07-13 11.08.19

Hey Sis,

Hope you had a good time last night. It certainly sounded like you did. After hours of tossing and turning I was finally about to drop off when I heard you come in, it must have been around 4. Remember what I said about closing the door quietly? And you know I don’t mind Dave staying over, but since when did his wet towel become our couch cover? It’s nice that you cook for him, I just wish you were as conscientious about cleaning it up afterwards as you are about catering to his other needs. But you’re such a big enthusiastic mongoose that it’s hard to be mean to you.

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The angels aren’t used to being ignored. Their wings demand attention while their coy expressions rebuff it. Maybe they’re weary of centuries of admiration. Or maybe they’re just resigned to their own splendour: despite brandishing instruments of Christ’s passion, it’s the muscular grace of their bodies and curved precision of their robes that people contemplate first.

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